Friday, July 30, 2010


Ok so here we go...

Today's "Two Cent" topic is:

What TV shows are now hard for you to watch?  What are your "two cents" on watching TV or movies?

I was so excited about Jersey Shore, and even though I did laugh hysterically, when they were flashing back to the last episodes I could NOT help but remember where I was during that time.  I did not change the channel as I would on other shows that bring triggers, which I think is a major improvement, but I could not help but realize that even this has changed for me.  Other shows that have been TOO difficult to watch has been Baby Story, which pisses me off in a way, because that was a favorite show of mine for years before I got pregnant.  I can not watch The George Lopez show, I watched this every night when I could not sleep, and each show is another reminder of what she did at what part Ughhh that is too hard for me!!

Any way, what are your "Two Cents" on this?  Why do you think a simple TV show can have such an impact on our emotions?

Leave your comments here....


  1. I can't watch a baby story either. Nor can I watch pretty much anything on TLC because it triggers my emotions.

    Reminders like this make me have grief outburts which, according to my therapist are fine and normal and a part of the healing process but I try to avoid triggering them every single day and it if means not watching a show well then I avoid it.

    I honestly do not think even if I were to get pregnant again that I could watch these shows, the just bring back the memories of before when I was so blissfully unaware of what was to come =(

  2. I can't watch a Baby Story or a Birth Story and it is risky even going to TLC because you never know what kind of baby show they might have one.

    I haven't seen any, but any glimpses of something related to the winter olympics would set me off since I watched them when I was feeling really nauseous. Even home renovation shows on HGTV are reminders because I watched those alot when nauseous too. And if I am watching some random show and a pregnant woman appears, the channel gets changed so quickly.