Friday, August 6, 2010

Two Cent Fridays...

Hey guys, hope you had an 'uneventful' week.

Today's Two Cent Topic is one that has been running through a lot of the BLM's minds.  The very first questions I got here was all based on TTC (Trying to conceive) and Rainbow Babies (babies born after a loss).

So I am asking for YOUR Two Cents today.  After losing your child how quickly did you decide you were ready to TTC/Adopt?  What has been the reaction of your Husband/boyfriend?  Has your family embraced this as well?  How quickly did you act on them?  What would your advice be to those that are now getting onto this path?  What should or shouldn't they expect from a Rainbow?

I remember when hearing the awful words "there is no heart beat" I said I would NEVER do this again.  For weeks the thought of going through this just made me sick to my stomach.  The fear, the anxiety ALL of it just made me want to NEVER even touch my husband.  BUT, that all changed a few months ago.  I started to realize how much my arms felt empty, how badly I wanted to be a mother to Alyssa and a mother to a living child.  I know how badly my husband wants to TTC again and for that we have started to speak more openly about the future.  The fear for me is still there.  The worries I believe are STILL there even while you are pregnant, and still after you take home the rainbow (God willing).  What can we do?  In order to get the prize we have to risk our hearts right?

Lots of BLMs believe that getting that rainbow can ease the pain, and shortly after realize that it does not ease the pain, but instead teach you to love a different child.

SO here we go, I can't wait to hear all the responses....Gimme YOUR Two Cents today!!!


  1. We started talking about when we could try again shortly after I was induced, so about 4 hours after I found out that Jacob had died. It was really the only thing that was getting us through it. We've never waivered in the fact that we want to try again. I am terrified that we'll lose another baby, but it is worth the risk.

    We started TTC 6 weeks after Jacob was born. I was hoping that it would happen right away, but it hasn't (I just got proof today).

    My husband is totally supportive and wants to try again as much as I do. My Mom said that it might be good to wait a bit longer, I think mainly because I am moving at the end of the month, but I didn't want to pass on any opportunity since who knows how long it could take.

  2. I gave myself 6 months. I wanted my body to really be ready but more than anything my heart. Who knows how long it will take but when it does happen I know that I will be ready. Wishing everyone luck.

  3. I wanted to try again instantly. It was the only thing that pulled me through to the next day. My doctor said we had to wait 3 months. We started trying and it took us 4 cycles to conceive.

    In my experience, the sub pregnancy was the hardest thing I've ever done. I had so many contractions, I swore I was going to lose her pretty much everyday. Even when my water broke, I questioned whether she had made it through alive. But, you're right. It's worth it in the end. After seeing her for the first time, I forgot about all the pain and agony. I even said, I'd do it again...

  4. Bi-polar would be the word used to describe me. One day, I'm on board...the next day, hell no. I still don't know what to do.